• Rachel Spack

5 Steps to Get Out of a Faith Slump

Have you ever found yourself in a faith slump? You know, those times when you flip through pages of the Bible or spend a Sunday morning in church and your body is present but your mind is far away? Isn’t it funny how you can go through the motions of faith without really taking in or living out that faith?

Guess what, I’ve been in here before too and I’ve found that the longer I maintain my relationship with God out of obligation instead of dedication, the harder it is to keep that relationship from slipping into nonexistence.

So how can you avoid a broken relationship with God and get to a place where reading the Bible is something you crave, love, and can’t wait to do? How can you be all present and focused on God with your heart, body, and mind?

Here are 5 steps I’ve put together, intended to liven up and mix up your “God time” to help get you out of a faith slump and loving the Word’s of God!

1. Mix it Up

Stop getting stuck in the same old study routines and learn something new! Try reading footnotes, using a concordance, or highlighting and writing in your Bible. There are a ton of different awesome ways to study your Bible like the SOAP method, Bible journaling, and Bible mapping. Don’t just read the Word, absorb the words you’re reading and apply them to your life. Each time you study the Bible ask yourself, “how can I use this to help me in my life”?

2. Pray it Out

Invest yourself in spending time with God as frequently as you can. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says pray without ceasing, so we should do this! Try to incorporate prayer into your life more than you have been, maybe spend drives or commutes praying, your lunch break, or your time working out. Spending more time in prayer will help you to strengthen your communication and relationship with God. By constantly having God as the focus of your day, you will desire to know and grow closer with God – this will lead to you desiring to read His Words!

3. Find a Study you Love

Finding a Bible study that helps push you to study, learn, and apply the Bible to your life is an awesome way to help make the Word’s of God feel alive and exciting again. Using a study like SheReadsTruth or The First 5 is a great tool to help you prioritize and dig into God’s word in a new way.

4. Take Note

Different people learn in different ways, and I am definitely NOT an auditory learner. During church services I find it so hard to listen to what’s being said without wandering off in mindless thought. Depending on the way you learn, reading the Word of God or listening to teaching may be hard for you. The best way I’ve found to combat the difficulty of paying attention is to take notes. Whether I’m doing my personal devotions or sitting in church, taking notes has helped me to pay attention, find key points in what’s being said, and apply the words to my life! This is a great way to keep your mind and heart both focused and faithful to God.

5. Time Change

First off, it’s super important you carve out a specific time in your day to spend time with God. Maybe you’ve done this for years and you’ve always done it at the same time every day so it has just become part of your routine now. Try to look at your time with God in a new way by not just having it be part of the everyday routine time slot. If you do your devotions in the morning try doing them at night instead and vice versa. Move around when you spend time with God to renew your perspective of your time with God!

Ultimately, for any type of change to happen it will always come down to your heart and it’s true intentions. If you want to know God, love God, and follow Him, then dedicate yourself to investing in your relationship with Him.

That faith slump your in doesn’t have to be permanent. You can feel excited, renewed, and eager to spend time with God!

- Rachel

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