• Rachel Spack

A Different Kind of Resolution

Each year as the New Year rolls around, just like a lot of you, I find myself in a reset mode. I use this time of the old year going and the new year coming to process what has happened over the span of a year, how I’ve grown, where life has taken me, and who I am.

I’ve always been someone who loves to set goals. I like to plan out my course of action based on larger end goals with small stepping stone goals to get me there. Each year thousands of people set New Year resolutions, some people want to get fit, some people want to start a business or find a new job, some people want to find a soulmate – and just about anything else you can think of becomes a new years resolution.

As much as I love goal setting, I’ve always viewed the New Year as a time to look over my life and establish a theme rather than make resolutions. Over the past few years I have decided instead of just setting resolutions or defined goals for my year to choose a word for the year. This word is a word that I pray over and that resonates with me as a word that I feel I need to dwell on. It’s a word that is something I aspire to be more of, live more of, and incorporate into my entire life.

Over the past two years I’ve chosen a word of the year and honesty, it’s been so life changing for me!

What I’ve learned through doing this activity is to be careful what word I choose because God really really lets this word seep into every part of my life, even in ways that sometimes make me uncomfortable. But as I like to say, outside of our comfort zone is where God can grow and show us most!

As we are entering the New Year of 2019 (how did this year go so insanely fast!?)

I wanted to share with all of you the word I’ve decided to dwell on in 2019, in hopes that maybe it will encourage you or get you thinking about a word you want to be your word of 2019!

This year my word of the year in 2019 is


I chose this word through looking back at this past year, looking forward to this coming year, and looking closely at my own life.

I feel that lately God has placed me in a growing period and to be honest with you all, I’ve struggled with that in some regards.

I lack patience when it comes to my dreams and goals. Sometimes I expect that just because I work hard at something it will be successful as quickly as I think it should and sometimes I even distort the meaning of success into something that the world sees rather than what God has called.

See, I’ve been learning, and still have so so much learning to do, that every season we go through in life is unique. Just because the season you’re in is filled with unknowns, failures, changes, and nothing you expected – doesn’t mean you are a failure. It doesn’t mean you aren’t successful. It doesn’t mean your dream is over.

Seasons of life are always changing, and not every season is going to be filled with as much happiness, joy, and excitement as we hope it will be. Sometimes seasons are hard and challenging – but each season we are going through we are growing through. And that’s the beautiful thing.

Each day we are being cultivated – prepared, readied, grown – so that we are able to move through each season of life. Each day we are cultivating relationships, ourselves, our homes, and our purpose. Each day we are given the choice to grow, to learn, and to find joy or to just be complacent.

My prayer for this year is that Jesus helps me to cultivate my spirit. I pray that Jesus grows me, he prepares me, he readies me, so that I can take on whatever comes next in life.

I am setting out to find joy in the simplicities of life. I am reminding myself that just because I don’t have all the things I had hoped, I haven’t done all the things I had wanted, or my life has not yet lived up to the success I had pictured in my mind – I am not unsuccessful.

I am dwelling on knowing that there is purpose in all things – including the seasons of life that seem mundane.

I am focusing on growing and knowing in God so that when God is ready to use me, I am ready to go.

This year I am working to cultivate myself, my home, my relationships, my work and every other aspect of my life.

I pray that me sharing this helps you all to think a little more about the new year and who you want to be and how you want to grow through it. I challenge all of you to look past the resolutions and instead pick out your own word to dwell on and fill your life with this New Year!

Cheers to a New Year and new growth!

- Rachel

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