• Rachel Spack

How To Find Your Purpose

Have you ever asked yourself the question “What Am I Supposed to Do With My Life?”

If you have, then you’re just like me.

Actually, to be honest, I feel like this questions was a reoccurring daily question I asked myself for years on end, never finding clarity or an answer.

It seems so tricky sometimes.

You feel like you’re meant for something, you want to do something great & wonderful, you want to be successful & do what you’re best at…

But you just don’t know what and you just don’t know how.

Well girls, over the past few years I’ve discovered some life changing truth that led me into figuring out what to do with my life and I’m about to share it with you.

What I’m about to tell you has effected me so much it has flipped my life upside down, reaching all the way into the core of who I am, and redefined everything I know.

So what’s this mind shattering truth that I keep leading you onto?

Ephesians 2:10.

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

Simple,right? Maybe even a little bit of a let down after all that hype. I’m sure you’ve seen this verse posted on our site or talked about in our posts…I bet you’re wondering, how is this one verse going to help me figure out my whole entire life??

Read this verse again with me:

YOU are God’s handiwork (also know as masterpiece, workmanship, achievement) created in Christ Jesus to do good works (you were created for a purpose – to do good works!) which God prepared in advanced for us to do (you weren’t only created for a purpose, but God hand picked you for a specific purpose)

Is it crashing down on you yet how life changing this news is in helping you to find your purpose?

God didn’t only hand craft you exactly how He wanted, but before you were even born, He designed you for a specific purpose for Him.

This verse is actually telling us that you don’t need to keep searching to find your purpose, because your whole life is purpose!

I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a control freak by nature and avid planner, so letting God show me His way, instead of trying to find it myself has been one of my greatest struggles, but taking in and letting this verse from Ephesians change my heart, has allowed me to pursue God in ways I never have before.

When I started living my life by trusting in Jesus and following His calling instead of forging my own path – everything changed.

There’s a balance in life that is sort of a sweet spot. That point in life where your passion, purpose, and pursuits are all lined up and moving in the same direction. The awesome thing is, living my life according to the words of Ephesians 2:10 not only brought me to that “sweet spot” but I’ve been able to live and thrive there!

So how can you find your purpose? How can you get to your life’s “sweet spot” and thrive there?

Live an Ephesians 2:10 life.

· Know that you are God’s handcrafted Masterpiece

· Start pursuing your purpose by doing the good works God created you for

· Listen and seek God as He leads you to your specific purpose

Girl, don’t keep wasting your time trying to figure out what the perfect major is, perfect job is, or perfect life is for you – because nothing is EVER going to be perfect & all you’re going to end up with is a LOT of wasted time. You can waste your entire life searching for your purpose & feeling unsuccessful or you can start living with purpose every day.

But how can you live with purpose every day? Here’s the good news, it’s not hard!

It looks a lot like serving others, loving others, following Jesus, acting in kindness, speaking truth, pursuing calling, using your gifts to Honor God, listening to & seeking God to lead you, and living a selfless life.

See, when the main focus of your life is finding your purpose – you get caught up in a “self” centered mindset. You’re concerns are confined to your world – how do things look for you, fit into your dreams, or fulfill you. When you live a purpose centered your mindset changes to God centered. You’re concerns are bigger than yourself prompting you to ask – how can I do more for Him, how can I be more for Him, how can I live better, kinder, & with more love, how can I use my gifts & talents to live for Him today and everyday!?

So, today I’m calling you to stop trying to figure out your purpose & just start living with purpose. I'm calling you to stop trying to figure our what you’re going to do with your life and just start doing life for Jesus – every. single. day.

I'm calling you to live an Ephesians 2:10 life - one that lives out the truth:

Created for purpose, Living with passion

- Rachel

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