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Isabel's Story

Today Isabel was kind enough to share her story with all of us on the blog! Isabel is a dear friend and I'll soon be blessed enough to join her family when I get married this summer. I'm super excited for you all to read a little bit more about her journey in finding her faith and own relationship with Jesus!

My Christian Background

Growing up, I attended Sunday school and church every Sunday after I was adopted. I still remember learning about Noah’s Ark, Jonah and the whale, Jesus walking on water, and all of the other stories that you hear about when you are a child in Sunday school.

Hearing all of these miraculous stories always intrigued me as a child, but as I started to grow up, I questioned how did Jonah survive in a whale? How did Noah fit a pair of every animal on his Ark? How did Jesus walk on water? And so on. I slowly drifted from my wondrous imagination and finally faced what I thought was “reality.”

The Drift

As time went on, I started complaining about going to Sunday school and church. Honestly, I did not like the thought of God, Jesus or whoever these mysterious people were that I was learning about.

I stopped putting my head down during prayer before family dinners.

My bible started to collect dust as it sat on my bookshelf, etc.

I do not recollect the reasoning for my heart and mind to suddenly not want to build a relationship with God. I just remembering thinking that it was ABSURD to believe in a man who is eternal, lives up in the “sky” and that the only way to get into heaven is to believe in him, and if you do not believe, you will go to hell.

During this drift, I think that my mother caught on and she switched me from public school to a Christian school. This made me hate God even more. Eventually, after two years of begging to go back to my friends and my “normal” life, I was put back into public school in 6th grade.

New beginnings

Fast forwarding to the end of my 8th grade year, my mother was asked by my aunt if we wanted to go on a mission trip to Mexico. My mother was interested, and I remember her telling me that we were going.

I was not amused at all.

I thought this whole mission trip was going to be focused on God, someone I did not have a connection or relationship with. The day came to where we were leaving for our flight. I loved traveling, so I did not mind boarding a plane and heading to San Diego where we would then rent vans to cross the border.

To put it short, during this week, I did not just build a connection with God, but I also built a relationship with all of the Mexican children who were at the orphanage. I remember one evening, walking up a huge mountain where at the top you could see miles away. I remember thinking, there is no way this is all coincidental. This had to be all laid out and planned by someone greater. I started focusing myself towards God and would read bible verses here and there in my spare time. I started praying, but my version of praying is talking out loud to God in my car alone as if he is sitting in the back seat listening. I also started becoming more spiritual, which helped me feel connected to God.


For the fall 2018 semester, I attended Gannon University. I was in a theology and morality class. I always had a love for learning; therefore, I was excited for this class. This class helped me better myself in a religious way. It also helped me feel closer to God throughout my college journey being that it is a Catholic university as well. I am only eighteen, still learning and experiencing religion in my own way, but I use the Bible for guidance as I go through life. Reading Bold & Beloved’s posts also help me read on Jesus every day. I am blessed that Rachel will soon be a part of my family because it helps me feel connected with her when reading her posts.

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