• Rachel Spack

Let's Catch Up

I am in shock that we are now officially living in the year of 2020 and have crossed over into a new decade!

I have always loved when we enter into a New Year because it always feels like a fresh start to me, so the fact that this year was not only a New Year but also a new decade excited me to no end. Each year, prior to the New Year, I always become overly self-reflective and analyze pretty much my entire life. If you happen to ask me what I hope to accomplish, change, or work towards in the New Year, prepare yourself because I will most likely give you an entire introspective summary of my thoughts, feelings, and life plans. Luckily for you, today I’m steering clear of diving into that never ending spiral and instead just here to let you know that one of the things I hope to work toward in this new year and new decade is being present here!

This blog and community here at Bold and Beloved that Sadie and I have built is one of the best and most wonderful things I’ve ever been a part of. I truly love writing, sharing resources, videos, devotionals, and connecting with all of you. It fills me up so much to see how God builds community in women from all over and how he connects us all through Himself and our common desire to live boldly for Him – how awesome!

That being said, I know both myself and Sadie have been kind of absent on here … or really anywhere on Bold and Beloved. When we first started Bold and Beloved it went from an idea, to a blog, to videos, to sharing on instagram, to events, to free e-devo resources, and speaking at events SO fast… like literally within less than a year and it was SO amazing! Our community grew insanely fast, we got to connect with all of you, and Sadie and I both got to pour so much of our heart and passion for ministry out here. Then, we both started on the same path of graduation, and starting jobs, and getting engaged/married, and moving, and figuring out life with all those changes (P.S. Sadie is still in the soon to be wed/graduate/move/get a job stage of this – so pray for her cause I just got out of this insane life stage and it truly is a whirlwind!) and keeping up with this blog and everything connected with it at the full time pace we had been honestly was impossible. So we took a break.

And today, I’m here to wave hello again because now that I’ve had a few months to settling into my completely new, changed, wonderful life, I have been feeling a heart tug to show back up here. Now, no promises on my consistency for right now… I’m planning to ease back into this… but I’m looking forward to sharing some things that have been pressed on my heart lately to say here and to connect again with this community. I won’t lie, being the dreamer/achiever (total 3 enneagram) that I am I have a million ideas, plans, and dreams swirling around for this ministry again and I am SO excited to see in the future where those lead. BUT for now while Sadie and I both still go through and adjust to the change in our lives, I’m going to be patient on those dreams and ideas and continue to see where God directs them and simply commit to showing back up here and sharing with all of you.

I am so excited for this new year and to share it with all of you. I really look forward to us growing together in this community again and experiencing all of life’s joys, hardships, and changes that come. So here’s to a new year, new decade, and new blogs – happy new year Bold and Beloved community!

- Rachel

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