• Rachel Spack

Lets Stop Competing With Other Christians

Here's the scene:

You’re scrolling through your phone when all of the sudden you come upon a post from THAT girl. You know, the girl who seems to be doing amazing things and looking amazing while doing it.

She’s perfect and in an instant you’re jealous.

Immediately you start to compare yourself to her.

You ask what she does this girl have that I don’t? Then in that instant you decide maybe you’ll color your hair to look like hers or maybe you’ll buy the same shoes as she has, whatever it takes to be as perfect as her. On the flip side, you also start to pick her apart for what isn’t so perfect. Thinking things like, her nose is too big, she’s too skinny, or even judging her Christianity based on the outfits she wears.

I think as girls, we’ve all been in this place. Playing the game of comparison, fighting to stay ahead, yet always feeling like in the end we take the loss.

Comparison is a joy killer, a life stealer, and a heart breaker. In times past I’ve found myself not enjoying precious moments of life because I was so caught up in needing to be as “perfect” as someone else that I was robbing myself of joy!

So why do we keep letting ourselves fall into the trap of comparison!?

I’ve found it really difficult, and still do at times, to celebrate, pray, and encourage other women of God instead of compare and compete with them. For years I’ve prided myself on being independent and in control, yet that’s exactly opposite of what God has called us to be as His children!

Back when Jesus walked on earth, He gathered together a team to work to spread His message while He was alive and after He was crucified. Jesus didn’t choose one person, or even two people, but twelve! He picked twelve individuals to go all over the earth and share His message. In addition, these men weren’t meant to know it all and have it all under control, they were called to follow Jesus and share His truth - pure and simple.

God doesn’t intended for you and I to be it all and do it all alone. We’re not called to compete, compare, and beat out our Christian competition. No! We should be working together, encouraging one another, and spreading the message as far and wide as we can with each other.

So next time you see that “perfect” girl, don’t try to be her. Instead, try to love her, pray for her, and work with her to honor God.

If we as women stop focusing so much on the competing and start focusing more on collaborating with other women – imagine how much farther, wider, and greater our reach for Christ can be!

God never intended for Christians to live in comparison. He intends for them to live with connection.

- Rachel

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