• Rachel Spack

Moving Past Your Mistakes

Just a few nights ago I found myself sitting on the couch, tears streaming down my face, throwing myself a pity party.

I felt sad, I felt discouraged, I knew that I majorly messed up – so I decided to cry about it. (anyone else ever been here??) I made a bad decision, one that had consequences, and I didn’t know how to snap back from it so I chose to just give up on trying instead.

That’s when someone asked me this question: Are you going to allow your mistake to ruin your life or renew your life?

Truth is we’re all going to mess up and sometimes your mess up might seem unfixable or like it’s the end of the world – but it’s not.

In Romans 3:23 God tells us that we are going to have hardships, we’re going to have trials, we’re going to mess up because we are human and we are not perfect.

But God also tells us that He is going to redeem us, that our mistakes do not define us, and that we are worthy of His love no matter our sin! Romans 3:24

Mess ups are inevitable, (Jeremiah 17:9) but the way we move through those mess ups is a choice. We can either view our mistakes as a joy stealer, heart breaker, unredeemable choice or we can view our mistakes as room for God to grow us. When we mess up we choose to either sit idle in the hurt, pain, regret, and self pity that have resulted as consequences of our actions or we choose to move through it.

Once a mistake has been made, we can’t go back, we can only go through, forward, and to. We can move through the hurt, pain, and brokenness. We can move forward toward a changed life that is grown from the experience. We can move to God’s loving arms.

See God is only looking at your biggest, worst mistake and saying “you are loved – come to my arms”. God’s greatest desire is for you to come back to Him – not run way from Him - and He will work to heal your shame and hurt.

So Here’s A Few Tips For Coming Back From a Mess Up:

1. Move Through

Confess your mistake and the wrong you fell into. Make the decision to turn completely away from whatever you’ve done that is wrong, and instead to turn toward Christ. (Acts 3:19) Don’t let yourself become held back by the shame, the hurt, or the pain instead let this mess up grow you closer with Christ. We are called to live like Christ, be like Christ, and honor Christ – so we must choose to own up to the mistake the way Christ would want us to: head on, apologetic, and with desire to improve.

“Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent” - Revelation 3:19

2. Move Forward

A mess up isn’t something we should dwell on instead it should be used to help us recognize a change that needs to be made. Yes, acknowledge the consequences that are a result of your mistake and pray over how to best work through them but work toward a renewed life as a result of the mistake. Invest in pursuing Christ with passion and intention that you have never invested before.

“I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.” - Proverbs 8:17

3. Move To

After your mistake move to God. Move into His loving, caring arms. Move into His will. Invest in seeking His will over your own. Use this mistake to recognize the selfishness that got you here in the first place and put it behind you. Decide to put the things of the world behind you and the things of God in front of you. Decide to live for God’s calling and purpose instead of your own desires starting today.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Romans 12:2

See, a mess up isn’t the end of the world, no matter how big.

A mess up is a chance to change.

Your mistakes don’t define you but the way you move through, forward, and past your mistakes does.

So girls, if you’ve made a mistake you’re wondering how to come back from …

Are you going to allow your mistake to ruin your life or renew your life?

- Rachel

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