• Rachel Spack

To Anyone Feeling Unsuccessful In Life

Are any of you in a season of life right now where you just feel kind of …unsuccessful?

Maybe you didn’t get that job

Maybe you still haven’t made it or even gotten started on making that dream a reality

Maybe you feel like you’re a little confused about your purpose

Maybe you failed at something

I want to share a little bit of my heart with you all today because if I’m being honest, I’ve felt a tad unsuccessful lately.

Let me start out by saying that I have a tendency to always want more. What I mean by that is that reaching a goal brings me temporary joy and satisfaction but I’ve always been the kind of girl who is hyper focused on what’s next.

I see this quality as both a good and bad trait, while it keeps me consistently driven and creative, it also can contribute to me not fully enjoying the present or being thankful for what has been accomplished.

Well, recently I’ve found myself struggling with a lot of discontentment in life, from my relationships, to finances, to career, to personal endeavors – I’ve felt like I’ve been pretty unsuccessful in reaching the goals I had set all around. As I’ve been processing these feelings I started to realize that I was letting myself lose my sense of joy and instead becoming consumed with complaining and discontentment.

As I took a step back I finally said to myself – girl, you are 22 years old, stop trying to have it all!

See, the more and more I stepped back and took a look at my heart, I started to see that I wasn’t unsuccessful but that I had let my definition of success become warped. Without even realizing it I had started to wrongly define success as money, things, reaching goals, and status rather than embracing the true definition of success that Jesus gives – glorifying Him.

In 1 Corinthians 10:13 we’re told that no matter what we’re doing we should do it to glorify God


In 1 Peter 1:14-15 we’re told to be careful not to slip back into the lifestyle we had before we knew God, desiring things of this world – but instead to try to live a holy life that honors God and desires His things.

See, what I’m finding is that when we’re living in pursuit of a worldly success we’re always going to feel unsuccessful. Enough will never be enough. We will never be satisfied with our lives no matter how much money, status, things, or goals we have reached.

As let this truth sink in, I think back on the story of Job in the Bible. Job was a man who had it all – money, friends, health, good relationships, and a good name, and in every regard he was considered “successful”. But all at once everything was ripped away from him – his family, his health, his money, his things, and even his reputation when he did no wrong. Through all the tragedy Job endured He remained committed to believing God was good. Job remained hopeful even in a season of unsuccess.

Yes, at some times job felt like a failure, but what Job didn’t do was let the world define his success. Job continued to keep his focus strong set on glorifying God. Job continued to find contentment in just knowing God and nothing else. Job continually was an example of a man who defined success as glorifying God and not as the world.

Reading this story it makes me ask myself if I were in the same situation – would I react like Job?

Would I praise Jesus instead of ask why? Would I be content with just Jesus and nothing else?

It also makes me wonder – am I currently content with just Jesus and nothing else? Am I thankful for just knowing Jesus or do I need “more” in order to be content? Am I basing my success off of Jesus’s work in my life or off of reaching goals? And lastly, Am I working toward glorifying God daily or am I working toward self glorification?

The truth is, nothing in the world will ever bring us the success or fulfillment we desire – but Jesus, Jesus does and He will bring us both fulfillment and success.

Psalm 34:10 says that those who seek the Lord will lack no good thing.

Today, I’m working to embrace these words and live it as my truth. I’m challenging myself to stop desiring a success defined by the world and to start desiring a success defined by Jesus.

What about you?

- Rachel

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