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To The Girl With Big Dreams

Recently I had a friend share an article with me in regard to a new book by a well known up and coming author. The new book is focused on going after your goals and not apologizing while you do. The article mentioned how this message versus the message of the life lived by Jesus are extremely contrasting – to make it simple, the articles point was Jesus lived a lowly humble life, comparatively to this book preaching the message of setting goals that were more self centered, like for example the goal of only flying first class mentioned in the book.

While I found the article interesting and informative, It got me to thinking about myself and my goals.

See I’m the girl who tries to get 25 hours of work done in 24 hours time but often, I’m also the girl who is I tired, worn out, and at times a bit irritable.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I would venture to guess, that maybe some of you are also like me.

The Girl who tries to be it all and do it all.

The goal-getter.

You don’t have a moment of free time in your schedule, because you’re intention is to be the most productive woman out there and reach your goals as fast you can.

Well, all is good and well until… you crash and burn.

And trust me speaking from experience, that’s not a pretty site at all.

I get you. You want more for your life and you want to change the world. Power to you! I love seeing other women crush goals and do amazing things, but I hate seeing women overworked, over extended, and overly tired on their way to these goals because so often I AM this woman and I know how DRAINING it feels.

So then why not just chill out and rest?

Easier said than done, am I right?

If you’re getting everything I’m saying here and relating to it, then you probably also will understand me when I say -- it’s hard to rest.

With a wicked combination of work ethic, pride, and a warped perception of rest being for the weak/lazy – Rest is not something that I used to frequently schedule for myself.

But just like always, as I’ve been reading along in my Bible, God’s hit me again with some life flipping convicting truth that I can’t ignore – and I’m sharing it here right now because I don’t think you all should ignore it either.

See, as I’ve been reading along in different parts of the Bible I keep realizing something – Jesus rested.

Shocking, right? And how am I going to say that rest is only for the weak and lazy when Jesus – the most powerful human/Son of God to ever live here on earth, along with God -- both took time to rest.

It’s easy to forget that in Genesis, following all His awesome creation that happened over a six-day span, on the seventh day God rested. That’s right, He sat back, took a breath, and admired what had been created.

In similar examples, during Jesus’s time on earth He took periods to rest and get away.

Remember the story in Matthew 14 about Jesus trying to go away to grieve, but then the crowd of people still find Him, so He performs the miracle of feeding five thousand people and shares the truth with these people? Then after this Jesus goes to a mountainside to pray, ALONE.

You see, in both of these examples God and Jesus recognized their need to rest.

And just as God took time to sit back and admire His creation, I think its important to ask ourselves if we’re taking time to sit back and admire what we’ve been able to accomplish, and thank God for it?

When we take the time to rest and recognize what all has been accomplished through us, it rejuvenates us, renews us, and excites us – giving new life to what we do and more than likely, helping us to do all that we do even better.

In the account we see of Jesus, He recognized His need to be alone, to pray, to grieve. Are we taking the time to spend with God alone and to grieve the bumps and bruises life leaves us with? Taking time to be healed, cared for, and loved by God, by being alone with Him, will help our hearts to be strong and healthy when we’re going through the day to day struggles and busyness of life.

I know it’s not easy to make yourself stop when there’s so much to do and so little time – trust me, I struggle with this DAILY but the thing is, time is our most irreplaceable resource. Once times gone, it’s gone forever.

That being said, looking at all the goals I have set and busy plans I have my days filled with I’m making a new goal to stop spending all of my time working and start spending a little time enjoying this life – and I hope you’ll join me!

God created us to work for Him, and it’s great to be as productive and dedicated to that work as possible, but we don’t want to experience a burn out. We all NEED to take time to enjoy the blessings God has given us, to worship God, and to have our heart healed and renewed by Him.

So take this today as your reminder, that all the work you have to do will still be there tomorrow, so it’s okay to take today off for God to work in you!


- Rachel

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