Bold & Beloved Website Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Acceptance of Terms.


Application of Terms. Bold & Beloved (referred to as “Company,” “us” or “we”), provides the theboldandbeloved.com website (https://theboldandbeloved.com/) as well as the downloadable devotionals and resources (collectively referred to as “Offerings”), subject to your compliance with the following Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms”), as well as any other written agreement(s) between us and you.

You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to periodically review this Site and these Terms. We reserve the right to change these Terms when needed with or without notice to you. Your continued use of this Site and Offerings after such changes will constitute acceptance and acknowledgement of the modified Terms.

As used in these Terms, “Affiliates” references include our affiliated companies, officers, directors, licensees, owners, partners, advertisers, sponsors, and includes all parties involved in producing, creating, and/or delivering this Site and/or contents and Offerings available on this Site.


Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy is located atwww.theboldandbeloved.com and is incorporated by reference into these Terms.

2. Payment(s)

Fees. Upon the choice of purchase of one or more Offerings provided on our Site, you agree to pay all fees associated with the Offerings.

The credit card on file will be billed with any charges incurred by your purchase or by use of the Offerings. Upon signing up for an ongoing Offering that incurs reoccurring charges (such as a subscription), charges of such will be billed in advance of service. In agreement with these terms, you agree to provide us with completed and accurate billing information, including valid credit card information, your name, address and telephone number, and to provide us with any changes of such information within fifteen (15) days of the change.

Overdue Amounts. We may, at our discretion, terminate or suspend delivery of products or Offerings, if for any reason, your credit card company declines or otherwise refuses to pay the amount owed for the Offerings you have purchased, and may require you to pay any overdue amounts incurred (including any third-party chargeback fees or penalties) by other means acceptable to us. You agree, that if legal action is necessary to collect on balances due, to recover sums due or reimburse us for all expenses incurred, including but not limited to, attorney fees and legal expenses.

3. Site Conduct, Posting Policies & Third Party Websites

Promotions. Advertisements offered by third parties may be present on this Site. You may enter into participate in promotions of the advertisers showing their products on this site or take part in correspondence with such advertisers. You are the advertiser are responsible, solely, for any correspondence or promotions, including payment for goods and services by those third parties along with the delivery of those goods and services, and any other conditions, warranties, terms, or representations associated there. We assume no responsibility for any part of correspondence or promotion and also no obligation or liability.

User-Created Content Guidelines: All applicable regulations and laws are subject to users of the Site and Offerings. You are the responsible party for any and all post or comments you leave on the Site. You agree that when posting on the Site through any source of communication (interactive service, message board, newsgroup, or other) that you will not post links, code, comments, messages, or other information that:

  1. infringes on any trade secret, trademark, copyright, patent, right of publicity, or other proprietary right of any party;

  2. is unlawful, harassing, tortious, defamatory, threatening, invasive, abusive, deceptive, fraudulent, of another’s privacy, or includes graphic descriptions of sexual or violent content;

  3. impersonates any person or entity, including any of our employees or representatives.

  4. Degrades, victimizes, intimidates, or harasses an individual or group of individuals on the basis of religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or gender;

  5. contains any form of malicious files, code, or programs that are intended or designed or to damage, disrupt, or limit the functionality of any software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment or allows you to obtain unauthorized access to any information or data of any third party, or otherwise causes damage,;

  6. consists of unsolicited junk, bulk email, advertising, chain letters, any other form of unauthorized solicitation, or any form of lottery or gambling;

  7. breaches the security of, compromises or otherwise allows access to protected, secured, or inaccessible areas of this Site, or attempts to gain access to other network or server via your account on this Site;

Third-Party Information. This Site may redirect or link to other websites on the Internet, or may otherwise include references to services, information, or products made available by unaffiliated third parties. Such sites, may contain material, policies, or information may be deemed inappropriate or objectionable by some. We are not to be held responsible for the errors made in any references made on those websites as well as their decency, accuracy, legality of content, or completeness. A link included that has nature of Affiliation is not to imply endorsement or association with the Site but rather to be used as a resource.

Endorsement. We and our agents have the right and will remove any postings that we feel are noncompliant with our Terms or violate user conduct, are harmful, inaccurate, or objectionable. These comments posted are not monitored nor pre-screened. Company assumes no liability for material uploaded by or submitted by users on any and all parts of the Site.We are not responsible for any failure or delay in removing such postings.

4. Email Services & Data Stored on Our Servers

Email Service. All private email messages are not disclosed or inspected unless consent of the sender or recipient is given or in the situations deemed necessary (under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. § 2510, et. seq. or required by law or by court or governmental order) Email services are made available to users of our Site, either directly or through a third-party provider.

Storage Provided by Us. You are agreeing upon opting to store personal data of any kind on our servers, that you abide by our limits and general practices concerning use of the Offerings available on our Site, including the maximum disk space allotted, the maximum number of days that uploaded content will be retained without limitation, and the maximum number of times you can access the services in a given period of time. We hold no liability or responsibility for the failure to store or deletion of any content transmitted or maintained through or on this Site. Any accounts that have not paid a subscription fee (when applicable), violated one or more terms of the Agreement, or remain inactive for longer than three hundred and sixty-five (365) days, You acknowledge that we reserve the right to remove or terminate accounts which have not paid a subscription fee (if applicable), will be terminated upon the discretion of our Site, Company, and Agents. 

Spam Prevention. We are not responsible when communications are blocked and/or get through to your Company supplied email account as we use automated techniques and tools to protect our users from mass unsolicited mailings (also known as “spam”) and/or other types of harmful or malicious content however we understand the techniques and tools have occasional unforeseen malfunctions, and as a result we assume no responsibility for such malfunctions and/or mistakes.

5. Offerings

Offerings. You are solely responsible for providing, at your own expense, all equipment necessary to use the Site and Offerings, including your own Internet access along with computer and modem (if necessary). Any and all Offerings that may include or contain a wellness, exercise or self-help programs have not been confirmed by the FDA-approved research for their efficacy. You understand that the Offerings provided through the Site are in no way intended as a substitute for medical consultation. All information presented in the Offerings is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from healthcare practitioners. Such Wellness Programs as offered as Offerings through the Site are not intended to cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent any disease. Your healthcare professional should be contacted prior to beginning any Wellness Program for safety precautions and appropriate exercise prescription.

Interruptions. Temporary interruptions of the Site may occur as normal events that are out of our control. You agree that the Offerings available on this Site are provided “AS IS” and that we assume no responsibility for the deletion, mis-delivery, timeliness, or failure to store any personalization settings or user communications. You understand and agree that in addition to these temporary interruptions, we have no control over the service(s) or third-party networks that we may use to provide you with Offerings.

No Guarantee. You understand that, although Company works hard to provide Offerings of high quality, we cannot guarantee or promise specific results from using the Site or Offerings available on this site.

6. Company Intellectual Property

Content. You understand that the Company or its Affiliates own all “content” defined in these Terms as any published works, photos, graphics, sounds, music, communications, information, video, software, or other material that can be viewed by users on our Site

Limitations on Use of Content. Any and All content from this Site, with the exception of a single copy made for personal use, may not be modified, republished, posted, distributed, uploaded, reproduced, transmitted, or copied by any means whatsoever without prior written permission from us. You understand that any and all unauthorized use of Site content violates our intellectual property interests and could result in criminal or civil penalties.

No warranty for Third-Party Infringement. The rights of third parties will not represent or warrant that your use of materials obtained through or displayed on, this Site will not infringe the rights of third parties by either ourselves (Company) or our Affiliates.

Ownership of Content. This Site is presenting to you the intellectual property of the Company and/or Site and Agents. By accepting these Terms, you agree that all content presented to you on this Site is protected by any and all rights available within the United States defining ownership of intellectual property and that all content is the sole property of Company or its Affiliates.

The following are registered trademarks, trademarks or service marks of Jordan Lee Media LLC or its Affiliates: “SoulScripts”, “Your brokenness is welcome here”, and the “SHE Refined Project”. All custom graphics, icons, logos and service names are registered trademarks, trademarks or service marks of the Company or its Affiliates. All other trademarks or service marks are property of their respective owners. Nothing in these Terms of Use grants you any right to use any trademark, service mark, logo, and/or the name of the Company or its Affiliates.


7. Content You Create.

Your Rights: Intellectual Property.  As in accordance with our Privacy Policy materials or communications of any sort transmitted to us or to this Site, whether by email or any other means, for any reason, will be treated as non-proprietary and non-confidential user content. You understand in agreement with these terms that while you retain all rights to the User Content, you grant our Company, Agents, and Affiliates, a paid-up, perpetual, non-exclusive, and worldwide right to distribute, display, copy, adapt, modify, publish, translate, and otherwise use the User Content for any purpose, regardless of the medium or form or it is used in.

If there are instances in which we are notified of alleged infringing User Content through our Designated Agent, a decision may be made to disable or remove access to such materials, in compliance with the safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. § 512(c). We will attempt (in good faith) to contact any person affected by submitted material so they have the opportunity to make a counter-notification. We as that you respect the intellectual property  rights of others as we do.

If you believe that a copyright infringement of you or someone else was made by User Content provided on this Site, you (or the owner or rights holder, collectively, “Rights Holder”) should send notification to our Designated Agent immediately. This Site has nothing here in the Terms or on the Site that is intended as a substitute for qualified legal advice. The Rights Holder, prior to sending us notice, may wish to consult a lawyer to determine their rights and legal obligations under the DMCA and any other applicable laws. To file a Notice of Infringing Material, we ask that the Rights Holder provide the following information:

  1. The Rights Holder’s contact information so that we can contact them (Rights Holder’s address, telephone number, and email address);

  2. Sufficient and reasonable details to enable us to identify and locate the material that is allegedly infringing the Rights Holders’ work(s) (file name or URL of the page(s) that contain(s) the material);

  3. Sufficient and resonable details about the nature of the copyrighted work in question, or, in the case of multiple alleged infringements, a representative list of such works. This should include, title(s), author(s), any U.S. Copyright Registration number(s), URL(s) etc.;

  4. A statement, under penalty of perjury, that the information in the notification is accurate and that the Rights Holder is authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner;

  5. The Rights Holder’s electronic signature; and

  6. A statement that the Rights Holder has belief that the use of the material identified above in 3 is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.

Notice may be sent to:

By Mail:

DMCA Agent
27 Ridgeview Heights Road
Punxsutawney, PA 15767

By e-mail: theboldandbeloved@gmail.com

Counter-Notification. If material that you have posted to our Site has been taken down, you may file a counter-notification that contains the following details:

  1. Your name, address and telephone number;

  2. Identification of the location at which the material appeared before it was removed or access to it was disabled and the material that has been removed or which access has been disabled;

  3. A statement, under penalty of perjury, that you believe that the material was removed or disabled as a result of misidentification or a mistake of the material in question;

  4. A statement that you consent to the jurisdiction of federal district court in the Western District of Pennsylvania and that you will accept service of process from the person who provided notification in compliance with section 512 (c)(1)(C) of the DMCA, or an agent of such person.

  5. Your physical or electronic signature.

Notice may be sent to:

By Mail:

DMCA Agent
27 Ridgeview Heights Road
Punxsutawney, PA 15767

By e-mail: theboldandbeloved@gmail.com

You also acknowledge and agree that upon receipt of a notice of a claim of copyright infringement, we may temporarily or permanently remove the identified materials from our site without liability to you or any other party.

Confidential Information. You understand that all communications sent by you to us will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary, as stated above. Ideas that we receive unsolicited will be treated as property owned by the Company and will not be returned to you. Please do not submit confidential or proprietary information to us (including patentable ideas, new content suggestions or business proposals) unless we have mutually agreed in writing otherwise.

8. Termination of Use

Termination. We may terminate or suspend your access to all or part of the Site with or without notice and for any reason, at our sole discretion. If there is any suspicion of illegal, fraudulent, or abusive activity this, along with any breaching of these Terms, will be included as reasoning for suspending or terminating your access to this Site, and reporting you to the proper authorities.

No Right to Offerings Upon Termination. Your right to use the Offerings available on this Site will cease immediately following termination regardless of the reason(s). You understand that any claims of damages as a result of termination or suspension or in connection with the actions taken will not be our responsibility or liability. Your liability for any unpaid fees, as well as sections 1-4 and 6-11 of these Terms, shall survive any termination.

9. Security

Passwords & Security. If you register for an account on the Site, you agree that you are responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of your password, and that you are fully responsible for all activities or charges that are incurred under your account. Therefore, you must take reasonable steps to ensure that others do not gain access to your password and account. We recommend that you not use any word which could be found in a dictionary, or a proper name, as your password. Your password should consist of at least eight (8) characters, and contain at least upper case letters, lower case letters, and numbers. You should use a different password for each website. Our employees will never ask you for your password.

Required Login. You understand that our account registration page requests certain personal information from you (“Registration Info”) and in order to post User Content or access some of the Offerings on this site, you may be asked to set up an account and password. You are agreeing, upon registration, that all Registration Info provided by you is true and accurate and that you will maintain and update this information as required in order to keep it current, and complete. Registration Info will have the ability to be updated and maintained.

Internet Access. This Site is not to be used through any connection that is not encrypted as we can not make any warranty of the security of your internet.

10. Disclaimer

You agree and understand that you are at your own risk and discretion when using or downloading the products or Offerings of this Site and that you are responsible for damages and losses associated with your computer and systems as a result of these activities.

All Offerings and content provided by the Site are on a basis of “as available” or “as is” and no warranty offering will be provided, implied, or expressed.

The content of this site changes and Offerings on this site are subject to change without notification at any time, including descriptions and pricing of products. We will not be held responsible for technical mistakes, typographical errors, or out of date products or content and we hold no responsibility or make no warranty in agreement to update or change such content, expect for on the basis of legal responsibility as stated in the laws of the United States or Pennsylvania.

As a user of the Site, opportunities to engage in commercial transactions with other users and vendors my be presented and you agree and understand that transactions relating to any Offerings or products provided by any third party, including, but not limited to the payment terms, warranties, purchase terms, and/or guarantees relating to such transactions, are agreed to solely between the seller of such merchandise and you.

Warranties of the following will not be made: content quality, expectations being met, or without mistakes, defects, or errors on products and content upon the retrieval of Offerings and content provided through us or the Site and our Affiliates. Results of the content, product, or Offering achieving expectations of consumer or being effective. Requirements being met by the Offering, contents, or products. Uninterrupted, timely, error-free, or secure content and Offerings via the Site.

The Site can be altered or discontinued at any time without given notice as we reserve the right to make any changes we deem necessary to the Site. Offerings on the Site will be subject to Terms of use throughout any new features that cause enhancement or alterations. The Site is not liable or responsible to any third party or you. You understand modifications to the Site can include, but are not limited to, changes in file size or types, additions of free or fee-based services, allowable content limitations, or changes in pricing and structure.

Always consult laws in your current jurisdiction as some states and jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or certain warranties. All information above may not be applicable to you in regard to limitations.

If a transaction is completed through a third party site, you are agreeing that we hold no responsibility for the transaction and that you are conducting this transaction at your own risk. Any Offerings or content provided on the site with warranty is not in connection or responsible to us as this is the Third Party or our affiliates Offerings and not ours.

11. Limitation of Liability & Indemnification

You understand that we are not responsible, nor are our Affiliates, in any event for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages of any kind, including those resulting in data, profit, or loss of use whether we have been advised or not of the damages, we shall not be held responsible or liable in connection with the use of this Site, Offerings, or any linked website on this Site. You are agreeing to hold us harmless and non responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use of this Site and its Offerings.

Your exclusive remedy and our entire liability, if any, for any claims arising out of these Terms and your use of this Site shall be limited to the amount you paid us for Offerings purchased on the Site during the two month period before the act giving rise to the liability.

We hold no responsibility or liability for third party transactions through this site or promises regarding these Offerings or the processing of orders.

You agree that you will not hold us and our Affiliates responsible for claims, expenses, liabilities, or attorney’s fees that arise from your misuse of this Site and its Offerings and you agree to defend us in such cases. We will assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter at our own expense as we reserve the right to otherwise subject to indemnification by you, in which event you will cooperate with us in asserting any available defenses.

We advise all to consult the laws in their jurisdiction as certain jurisdictions prohibit exclusions and limitations of liability so the following above may not apply to you.

12. Miscellaneous Provisions

Notices. Either email or conventional mail notices will be made to a party in writing. Notices will be submitted through the email address you provide or the email address we have on record. Notices to us must be sent to the attention of Customer Service at theboldandbeloved@gmail.com and to our address at 27 Ridgeview Heights Road, Punxsutawney, PA 15767 by conventional mail. These Terms will subject any notices be delivered to the party receiving such communication (1) on the delivery date if delivered personally to the party; (2) ) five business days after the mailing date, if sent by U.S. mail, return receipt requested; (3) two business days after deposit with a commercial overnight carrier, with written verification of receipt;  (4) on the delivery date if transmitted by confirmed facsimile; or (5) on the delivery date if transmitted by confirmed email.

International Use. Although this Site may be accessible worldwide, this Site and the Offerings are not intended for or targeted to people residing outside of the United States. Any offer for any Service, product, and/or information made in connection with this Site is void where prohibited. You should not access this Site or the Offerings from outside of the United States.

Governing Law. This Site (excluding any Third Party websites) is controlled by us from our offices in Pennsylvania, and the statutes and laws of the state of Pennsylvania shall be controlling, without regard to the conflicts of laws principles thereof. The Superior Court of Jefferson County, Pennsylvania will have exclusive personal jurisdiction and for state law matters or the U.S. District Court for Western Pennsylvania for matters having a federal question.

No Resale Right. You agree not to copy, reproduce, duplicate, resell, sell, distribute, or use for any commercial purposes any portion of this Site, or use of or access to this Site or Offerings provided through this Site, beyond the limited rights granted to you under Section 7 of these Terms.

No Waiver. Any failure by us to exercise or enforce any provision of these Terms or related rights shall not constitute a waiver of that right or provision.

In addition to any excuse provided by applicable law, we shall be excused from liability for non-delivery or delay in delivery of products and Offerings available through our Site arising from any event beyond our reasonable control, whether or not foreseeable by either party, including but not limited to: labor disturbance, war, fire, accident, adverse weather, inability to secure transportation, governmental act or regulation, and other causes or events beyond our reasonable control, whether or not similar to those which are enumerated above.

Savings Clause. If any part of these Terms is held invalid or unenforceable, that portion shall be construed in a manner consistent with applicable law to reflect, as nearly as possible, the original intentions of the parties, and the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect.

Entire Agreement. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement and understanding between the parties concerning the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings of the parties with respect thereto. These Terms may NOT be altered, supplemented, or amended by the use of any other document(s). To the extent that anything in or associated with this Site is in conflict or inconsistent with these Terms, these Terms shall take precedence.

Entire Agreement. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement and understanding between the parties concerning the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings of the parties with respect thereto. These Terms may NOT be altered, supplemented, or amended by the use of any other document(s). To the extent that anything in or associated with this Site is in conflict or inconsistent with these Terms, these Terms shall take precedence.


This Policy was last updated on August 22, 2018:

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us at theboldandbeloved@gmail.com and include ‘Privacy Policy’ in the subject line. This Policy explains how we may Process (as defined below) your information. We may change this Policy occasionally, so please check it regularly.

1. Overview

Bold & Beloved, with its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, “the Company”, “us”, “our” or “we”), owns, operates, or provides access to, interactive websites, mobile applications, and other online interactive features and services, including, but not limited to the Bold & Beloved website, emails, newsletters, and promotional giveaways (collectively “Services”). This Privacy Policy applies to all information collected on you by the Company and describes the types of information collected about you when using the Services, the disclosure of your information, use of your information, when your information may be disclosed, and the protection of your information.

The Company is a data controller (as that term is defined under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”)), meaning we decide how and why the information you provide to us is processed (except as otherwise noted in this Privacy Policy). This Policy explains the use of information provided to us. Our contact details are provided in Section 13 below. This Policy will be updated in future times to reflect changes in our practices with respect to the Processing of your information, or changes in applicable law.

2. Processing Categories of Information

“Personal Information” refers to any information that is about any individual, or from which any individual is directly or indirectly identifiable.

“Process”, “Processing” or “Processed” refers to anything that is done with any Personal Information, whether or not by automated means, such as collection, storage, adaptation, recording, organization, or alteration, consultation, retrieval, use, disclosure by dissemination, transmission, or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, erasure, destruction, or restriction.

We may Process information about you from your use of our Services (e.g., the type of device you are using, the internet service provider, etc.), including your interactions with advertising and content on the Services. We may Process: your personal details  (e.g., your name); your contact details (e.g., your address); demographic data (e.g., your age); subscription information; records of your consents; purchase details; any views or opinions you provide to us; information about your interactions with our content or advertising.

We may Process the following categories of Personal Information about you:

  • Personal details: your name; username or log in details; password; and areas or topics of interest.

  • Purchase and payment details: records of purchases and prices; invoice records; payment records; subscription details; how much you choose to pay and which charities you designate as recipients of your money; payment amount; and payment date; billing address; payment method; cardholder or accountholder name;

  • Demographic information: age/date of birth; and language preferences.

  • Contact details: postal address; telephone and/or mobile number; email address; and your public social media handles or profile(s).

  • Views and opinions: any views and opinions that you or other users choose to send to us, or publicly post about us on social media platforms or in the Services.

  • Consent records: records of any consents you may have given, together with the date and time, means of consent and any related information

 “Other Information” we collect may include but is not limited to:

  • Information about your use of the Services, such as usage data and statistical information, which may be aggregated.

  • Browsing history including the websites or other services you visited before and after interacting with the Services.

  • Pixel Tags, also known as clear GIFs, beacons, spotlight tags or web bugs, which are a method for passing information from the user’s computer to a third party website.

  • Non-precise information about the approximate physical location (for example, at the city or zip code level) of a user’s computer or device derived from the IP address of such computer or device (“GeoIP Data”).

  • Information collected through the use of cookies, Javascript, pixel tags, and other technologies, including information collected using such methods and technologies about (i) your visits to, and interaction and engagement with, the Services, content and ads on third party websites, applications, platforms and other media channels (“Channels”), and (ii) your interaction with emails including the content and ads therein (collectively, “Online Data”).

  • Device type, settings and software used.

  • Log files, which may include IP addresses, browser type, ISP referring/exit pages, operating system, date/time stamps and/or clickstream data, including any clicks on customized links.

  • Searches for and interactions with e-commerce opportunities, such as offers contained in the Services

  • Web Beacons, which are electronic files that allow a website to count users who have visited that page or to access certain cookies.

  • Local Shared Objects, and Local Storage, such as HTML5.

  • Embedded Scripts which are programming codes designed to collect information about your interactions with the Service by temporarily downloading onto your device from our web server or a third party with whom we work. Embedded scripts are only active while you are connected to the Service and are deleted or deactivated thereafter.

  • Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, which is a unique string of numbers automatically assigned to your device whenever you access the Internet.

  • Mobile analytics to understand the functionality of our mobile applications on your phone.

This Other Information, depending on applicable law under some circumstances, may constitute Personal Information. Other Information along with Personal Information is referred to as “User Information”.

3. Personal Information (Sensitive)

Sensitive Personal Information is not processed with the exception of the below. When Sensitive Personal Information is processed it is done in accordance with applicable law. The Services are not intended for use by children.

We may collect or otherwise Process Personal Information about your race or ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs, physical or mental health, political opinions, and sexual life if you provide us with that information through surveys or by sharing such information on third parties (e.g., social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram). Only if you provide this information, and you are not required to provide any of that information to make use of the Services, then we are subject to use such information. This type of information may be deemed to be sensitive under GDPR (“Sensitive Personal Information”).

We do not collect or otherwise Process Personal Information about any actual or alleged criminal offences or penalties, trade union membership, or any other information that may be deemed to be sensitive under GDPR (this is also included in “Sensitive Personal Information”) in the ordinary course of our business. When necessary to Process Sensitive Personal Information under GDPR, we would rely on one of the following legal bases:

  • Compliance with applicable law: We may Process your Sensitive Personal Information where the Processing is required or permitted by applicable law;

  • Establishment, exercise or defense of legal rights: We may Process your Sensitive Personal Information where the Processing is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal rights; or

  • Detection and prevention of crime: We may Process your Sensitive Personal Information where the Processing is necessary for the detection or prevention of crime (including the prevention of fraud);

  • Consent: We may Process your Sensitive Personal Information where we have, in accordance with applicable law, obtained your prior, express consent prior to Processing your Sensitive Personal Information.

The Services are not intended for use by children, especially those under 13. No one under the age of 13 should make use of the Services or provide any Personal Information. Minors under the age of 18 are not permitted to make purchases through the Services or obtain coupons or codes from the Services to purchase goods or services on third party websites. If we have collected Personal Information from someone under 13, and are notified or made aware, we will delete that information immediately.

4. Collecting or Creating Information

We may collect or obtain User Information about you: directly from you (e.g., when you contact us or subscribe to the Services); when you make your Personal Information public (e.g., if you make a public post about us on social media); in the course of our relationship with you (e.g., if you make a purchase); when you register to use any part of the Services; when you install, download, or use any of our Services; when you visit our Services; or when you interact with any third party content or advertising on the Services. We may also receive User Information about you from third parties (e.g., social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram). User Information may also be created about you, such as records of your interactions with us. The Company is not responsible for Personal Information you volunteer about yourself in public areas of the Services. This Policy does not cover the practices of third parties who may provide information about you to the Company.

Collection of User Information: We may collect User Information about you from the following sources:

  • Data you make public: We may collect or obtain your Personal Information that you clearly choose to make public, including via social media (e.g., we may collect information from your social media profile(s) if you make a public post about us).

  • Data you provide: We may obtain your Personal Information when you provide it to us across our Services (e.g., where you sign up for emails or newsletter; register for site membership or create a profile or account on any part of the Services; enter a promotional giveaway; participate in surveys; contact us via email, telephone or by any other means; or purchase a subscription, etc.).

  • Service data: We may collect or obtain your Personal Information when you visit, download, use or register to use any part of our Service.

  • Content and advertising information: If you choose to interact with any third-party content or advertising on the Channels, we may receive User Information about you from the relevant third party.

  • Business relationship data: We may collect or obtain your Personal Information in the ordinary course of our relationship with you (e.g., if you make a purchase from us).

  • Third party information: We may collect or obtain your Personal Information from service providers and third parties who provide it to us and combine such information with information we have collected about you. This may include channels such as social network sites or services (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). We may also obtain information about purchases you make from our billing processors such as Amazon. To the extent we combine such third party sourced information with Personal Information we have collected about you on the Service, we will treat the combined information as Personal Information under this Privacy Policy.

We are not responsible or liable for the accuracy of any information provided by third parties or third party policies or practices. This Privacy Policy does not cover the practices of third parties, including those that may disclose information to the Company.

We may combine data you have provided to us with data obtained from third parties such as social networks. We may also create User Information about you, such as records of your interactions with us and details of your purchase history, for analysis and internal administrative purposes.

5. Reasons We May Process Your Information

User Information may be processed for the following purposes: providing advertising to you on the Channels; analyzing engagement with our audience; marketing our services and offerings to current and prospective customers; managing our IT systems; financial management; providing the Services to you; communicating with you; compliance with applicable law; observing user engagement and purchase activity across the Service and Channels; conducting surveys; ensuring the security of our systems; conducting investigations where necessary; and improving our Services.

The purposes for which we may Process User Information, subject to applicable law, include:

  • Surveys: engaging with you for the purposes of obtaining your views on our Services.

  • Communications: communicating with you via any means (including via email or social media) regarding information in which you may be interested, subject to ensuring that such communications are provided to you in compliance with applicable law; maintaining and updating your contact information where appropriate; and obtaining your prior, opt-in consent where required. We may provide direct marketing to you as set out in Section 6 below.

  • Offering and Improving the Services: operating and managing the Services for you; providing personalized content to you; communicating and interacting with you via the Services; identifying issues with the Services and planning improvements to or creating new Services; and notifying you of changes to any of our Services.

  • Advertising: providing advertising based on your interests and interactions with the Services and Channels, including using User Information to serve you advertisements on the Channels. For further information, please see Section 7 below.

  • User Engagement and Purchases: tracking purchase traffic and activity across the Service and on Channels, including review of your browsing history (if available); provision of analytics and measurement of cost of traffic against money being made.

  • Financial Management: general business and financial management purposes, including: economic, financial and administrative management; planning and reporting; personnel development; sales; accounting; finance; corporate audit; and compliance with legal requirements

  • Investigations: detecting, investigating and preventing breaches of policy, and criminal offences, in accordance with applicable law.

  • Legal Proceedings: establishing, exercising and defending legal rights.

  • Marketing to Customers: We may market to current and prospective customers and their employees who have indicated an interest in doing business with, or have previously conducted business with, the Company in order to further generate and promote our business. Such efforts include sending marketing emails to drive the use of services offered by the Company.

  • Provision of the Services to You: providing the Services to you from the Company or its partners including (i) offering of promotional giveaways, (ii) processing of your payment information for your purchases or subscriptions, (iii) management of your account, (iv) offering promotional and marketing information to you, and (v) customer support and relationship management.

  • IT Administration: administration of the Company’s information technology systems; network and device administration; network and device security; implementing data security and information systems policies; compliance audits in relation to internal policies; identification and mitigation of fraudulent activity; and compliance with legal requirements.

  • Audience Engagement: identification and development of audience engagement, advertising and promotional strategies on various platforms and channels, both within the Service and on Channels.

  • Security: electronic security measures (including monitoring of login records and access details) to help mitigate the risk of and provide the ability to identify and rectify a security incident.

  • Legal Compliance: Subject to applicable law, we reserve the right to release information concerning any user of Services when we have grounds to believe that the user is in violation of our Terms and Conditions or other published guidelines or has engaged in (or we have grounds to believe is engaging in) any illegal activity, and to release information in response to court and governmental orders, other requests from government entities, civil subpoenas, discovery requests and otherwise as required by law or regulatory obligations. We also may release information about users when we believe in good faith that such release is in the interest of protecting the rights, property, safety or security of the Company, any of our users or the public, or to respond to an emergency.

6. Direct Marketing

You may unsubscribe for free at any time. Your User Information may be processed to contact you regarding services that may be of interest to you.

You may unsubscribe from our newsletter lists at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions included in every email we send. Once we have processed your request to unsubscribe (which will be done as quickly as possible). No emails will be sent to you from the list you have selected to be unsubscribed from, but we may continue to contact you to the extent necessary for the purposes of any other Services you have requested or for additional emails you have signed up for.

Your User Information may be processed to contact you via email or other methods of communication to provide you with information regarding the Services that may be of interest to you. Information may be sent to you regarding  information to you regarding upcoming promotions, the Services, and other information that may be of interest to you, using the contact details that you have provided to us and always in compliance with applicable law.

7. Similar Technologies, Cookies, and Interest-Based Advertising

Third parties may collect information about you in order for you to receive relevant interest-based advertising on the Services and on other websites, platforms and media channels online behavioral advertising purposes. We use Online Data as well as other User Information to send you online behavioral ads we believe are more relevant to your interests.

Certain tracking technologies enable a unique identifier to you, and relate information about your use of the Services to other information about you, including your User Information. Tracking technologies on the Services may be deployed by the Company and/or by our service providers or partners. We may match information collected from you through different means or at different times and use such information along with offline and online information obtained from other sources (including from third parties), including, but not limited to, demographic information and updated contact information, for the purposes of learning more about you so we can provide you with relevant content and advertising.

We may Process your User Information by placing or reading Cookies and similar technologies on the Services and Channels. We and our partners also use these technologies to analyze trends; gather demographic information about our user base; administer the Services; supplement to our server logs and other methods of traffic and response measurement; and to improve our understanding of traffic on the Services collect and store information such as user settings and anonymous browser identifiers. For more information, please see our Cookie Policy. Certain technologies enable us to assign a unique identifier to you, and relate information about your use of the Services to Other Information about you.

When you receive email messages or newsletters from us, we may use web beacons, customized links, clear GIFs ,embedded scripts, or similar technologies to determine whether the email has been opened and which links you click in order to provide you with more focused email communications or other information, and/or to aggregate that information with other data we collect to use for some or all of the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy.

The Company and its partners may use cookies and other tracking technologies to analyze trends, administer Services, track users’ movements around the Services and on third party sites, devices and applications, and to gather demographic information about our user base.  Please see our Cookie Policy for more information, including a more in-depth explanation of what cookies are, the different types of cookies used on the Services, and how to change or delete them. You can control the use of cookies at the individual browser level, but if you choose to disable cookies, it may limit your use of certain features or functions on the Services. 

We and our partners (including but not limited to e-commerce partners, affiliates, and analytics providers) also may use technologies such as pixel tags, IP addresses, and Local Storage such as HTML5 to analyze trends; administer the Services; supplement our server logs and other methods of traffic and response measurement; track users’ location and movements around the Services; collect and store information such as user settings and anonymous browser identifiers; gather demographic information about our user base; and to improve our understanding of traffic on the Services and visitor behavior. We may receive reports based on the use of these technologies by these third party companies on an individual and aggregated basis. Various browsers may offer their own management tools for removing Local Storage.

We may use mobile analytics software, this software may record information such as how often you use the application, the events that occur within the application, aggregated usage, performance data, and where the application was downloaded from. We use this to collect data and to better understand the functionality of our mobile software, devices and applications on your phone and other devices.

Certain third parties may collect information about you for interest-based advertising (“IBA”) purposes in order for you to receive relevant interest-based advertising on the Services and on other websites, platforms and media channels.

These third-party vendors may connect information about pages you visit on the Services with information about pages you visit on other Channels and show you advertising based on this combined information. These third parties may use Online Data as well as other User Information to send you IBA. These advertisements may appear when you are visiting a different section of the Services or on another Channel.

The specific providers we use for IBA are subject to change.

8. Lawful Basis for Processing Personal Information

We may Process your User Information where: the Processing is necessary for a contract between you and us; you have given your consent; the Processing is required by applicable law; where we have a valid legitimate interest in the Processing; the Processing is necessary to protect the vital interests of any individual.

In Processing your User Information in connection with the purposes set out in this Policy, we may rely on one or more of the following legal bases, depending on the circumstances:

  • Contractual necessity: We may Process your User Information where the Processing is necessary in connection with any contract that you may enter into with us (such as a subscription to the Services);

  • Consent: We may Process your User Information where we have obtained your prior, express consent to the Processing (this legal basis is only used in relation to Processing that is entirely voluntary – it is not used for Processing that is necessary or obligatory in any way);

  • Vital interests: We may Process your User Information where the Processing is necessary to protect the vital interests of any individual; or

  • Legitimate interests: We may Process your User Information where we have a legitimate interest in carrying out the Processing for the purpose of managing, operating or promoting our business, and that legitimate interest is not overridden by your interests, fundamental rights, or freedoms;

  • Compliance with applicable law: We may Process your User Information where the Processing is required by applicable law.

9. Information We Disclose to Third Parties

We may disclose your User Information to: any party as necessary in connection with legal proceedings; any party as necessary for investigating, detecting or preventing criminal offences; legal and regulatory authorities; our external advisors; parties who Process User Information on our behalf (“Processors”); any purchaser of our business; and any third party providers of advertising, plugins or content used on the Services.

We may disclose your User Information to other entities within the Company, for legitimate business purposes in accordance with applicable law. In addition, we may disclose your User Information to:

  • any relevant third party acquirer(s), in the event that we sell or transfer all or any relevant portion of our business or assets (including in the event of a reorganization, dissolution or liquidation);

  • any relevant third party provider, where our Channels use third party advertising, plugins or content. If you choose to interact with any such advertising, plugins or content, information about your activities on the Channels to provide you targeted advertising based upon your interests may be shared with the relevant third party provider. If you click or tap on or otherwise interact with an advertisement, the advertiser may assume that you meet its target criteria;

  • legal and regulatory authorities, upon request, or for the purposes of reporting any actual or suspected breach of applicable law or regulation;

  • third party Processors (such as analytic providers; data centers; etc.)

  • third party developers for whom the Company processes payments for. the Company may provide your email address to these third party developers so they may deliver the final version of the game you purchased.

  • any sponsors of promotional giveaways, the registration data for such events is to be used by us as part of User Information, and may be shared with the sponsor and others, subject to this Policy and the sponsor’s privacy policy. We may also share your information with third party vendors involved in the administration of such events. For promotional giveaways, please read the official rules or terms and conditions carefully before you submit your information;

  • any relevant party, law enforcement agency or court, to the extent necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal rights;

  • any relevant party for the purposes of prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal offences or the execution of criminal penalties, including safeguarding against and the prevention of threats to public security;

  • outside professional advisors (such as accountants, auditors, or lawyers), subject to binding contractual obligations of confidentiality; and

  • to third parties whose practices are not covered by this Privacy Policy (e.g., third party providers of goods and services, marketing and advertising companies and agencies, analytics providers and retailers).


Where surveys allow users to submit written comments, and where the Company advises users of the possibility of such disclosure at the time they take the survey, the Company reserves the right to disclose any information provided by users, provided that no User Information identifying a specific user is disclosed. With respect to surveys, in the event that responses are publicly disclosed, users will be notified at the time they take the survey. Otherwise we will disclose only aggregate information regarding its users’ responses in surveys to other participants in the survey.

Certain functionalities on the Service permit interactions that you initiate between the Service and certain third party services (“Third Party Features”). Examples of Third Party Features include "liking" or "sharing" content over social media platforms through our Service or linking your the Company account to a third party service such as Facebook or Instagram. If you use Third Party Features, both the Company and the third party may have access to certain information about you and your use of our Service and the third party service. If you post information on a third party service that references our Service  your post may be used on or in connection with our Service or that third party service. We are not responsible for the practices employed by websites linked to or from the Service, nor the information or content contained therein or any information third parties obtain through your use of Third Party Features.

We may engage third party providers to assist with the collection, storage and segmentation of Online Data and the providers are required to maintain the confidentiality of this information. These third party providers may collect User Information from our Services for their own purposes, such as to monitor fraud around the web.

If we engage a third-party Processor to Process your User Information, the Processor will be subject to binding contractual obligations to: (i) only Process the User Information in accordance with our prior written instructions; and (ii) use measures to protect the confidentiality and security of the User Information; together with any additional requirements under applicable law.

The Services contain links to other sites or partners whose information practices may be different from ours. You should consult the privacy policy of these third parties to learn how your privacy is protected.

10. International Transfers of Information

We may transfer your Personal Information to recipients in other countries. Where we transfer User Information from the European Economic Area (“EEA”) to a recipient outside the EEA that is not in an adequate jurisdiction, we do so on the basis of standard contractual clauses.

Because some of our users are located outside of the United States, we may need to transfer your User Information to third parties. We may transfer your User Information to other countries that may have different laws and data protection compliance requirements to those that apply in the country in which you are located.

Where we transfer your Personal Information from the EEA to recipients located outside the EEA who are not in a jurisdiction that has been formally designated by the European Commission as providing an adequate level of protection for Personal Information, we do so on the basis of standard contractual clauses. You may request a copy of the relevant standard contractual clauses using the contact details provided in Section 14 below.

If you are a European individual with a privacy related complaint, concern or question about the Company’ privacy practices, please contact us by writing to theboldandbeloved@gmail.com (must include “Privacy Policy” in the subject line) and we will respond within a reasonable timeframe after receiving your request. In certain situations, the Company may be required to disclose Personal Information in response to lawful requests by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements. Please note that when you transfer any Personal Information directly to a Company entity established outside the EEA, we are not responsible for that transfer of your Personal Information. We will nevertheless Process your Personal Information, from the point at which we receive the data, in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

11. Data Protection and Retention

Appopriate technical and organizational security has been implemented and designed to protect your User Information against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized access, and other unlawful or unauthorized forms of Processing, in accordance with applicable law.

We implement appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your User Information. Please ensure that any Personal Information that you send to us is sent securely. Online Data related to IBA is kept by the Company for not more than 180 days after which it will expire, subject to certain conditions.

Transmissions of information are not completely secure due to the open system or the internet. we will implement reasonable measures to protect your information however we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to us using the internet. Any such transmission is at your own risk and you are responsible for ensuring that any Personal Information that you send to us are sent securely.

We take every reasonable step to ensure that your User Information that we Process is accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date, and any of your User Information that we Process that you inform us is inaccurate (having regard to the purposes for which they are Processed) is erased or rectified.

Except as may be set forth in this Privacy Policy, Online Data related to IBA is retained by the Company for not more than 180 days after which it shall expire. However, the 180 day period may commence again if the same user subsequently visits or interacts with an ad, email, the Services or a Channel.

12. How You Can Control Your Information

You can steps to change your preferences for newsletters and online behavioral advertising as outlined in this section.

If you are an EU resident, you may have certain rights including: the right not to provide your Personal Information to us; the right of access to your Personal Information; the right to request rectification of inaccuracies; the right to request the erasure, or restriction of Processing, of your Personal Information; the right to object to the Processing of your Personal Information; the right to have your Personal Information transferred to another controller; the right to withdraw consent; and the right to lodge complaints with supervisory authorities. We may require proof of or need to verify your identity before we can give effect to these rights.

You may directly take steps to change your preferences as follows:

Your Newsletter and Email Subscriptions. You can opt out or unsubscribe to a newsletter or other email list at any time by following the instructions at the end of the newsletters or emails you receive. Please allow five to ten business days for changes to take effect. On some parts of the Service, member service-related communications are an integral part of such Services to which you subscribe and you may continue to receive emails as part of that particular portion of the Services unless you cancel your account, even if you opt out of the newsletters or email list. If you have provided more than one email address to us, you may continue to be contacted unless you request to unsubscribe each email address you have provided.

Cookies and Pixel Tags. You may stop or restrict cookies and pixel tags on your computer or purge cookies from your browser by adjusting your web browser preferences. However, if you “turn off,” purge, or disable cookies or pixel tags, although you may still use the Services, you may not be able to use all of the features, functions, or services available on the Services.

EU Residents. GDPR provides certain rights for EU residents. You may decline to share certain information with us, in which case we may not be able to provide some of the features and functionality of the Services. These rights include, in accordance with applicable law, the right to object to or request the restriction of processing of your information, and to request access to, rectification, erasure and portability of your own information. Where we process your information on the basis of your consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent (noting that such withdrawal does not affect the lawfulness of any Processing performed prior to the date on which we receive notice of such withdrawal, and does not prevent the Processing of your Personal Information in reliance upon any other available legal bases). Requests should be submitted by contacting us (using the contact instructions in Section 14 below). If you are an EU resident and have any unresolved privacy concern that we have not addressed satisfactorily after contacting us, you have the right to contact the appropriate EU Supervisory Authority and lodge a complaint.

13. Contact Details

You may contact us at the addresses set out below or by emailingtheboldandbeloved@gmail.com Requests for access to or deletion of your Personal Information should include the email(s) which you have used in connection with the Services. We may require proof of or need to verify your identity before we can process your request.

Bold & Beloved
Attn: Privacy
27 Ridgeview Heights Road
Punxsutawney, PA 15767

If you are an EU resident, you may contact our Data Protection Officer at theboldandbeloved@gmail.com

If you have any comments, questions or concerns about any of the information in this Policy, or any other issues relating to the Processing of User Information carried out by us, or on our behalf, please contact:

Bold & Beloved
Attn: Privacy
27 Ridgeview Heights Road
Punxsutawney, PA 15767

14. Terms and Conditions

Please visit the Company Terms and Conditions for more information concerning your use of the Services, which are incorporated by reference into this Privacy Policy.

15. Privacy Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy may change from time to time, and all changes will be effective when posted. If there is a significant change to this Privacy Policy or our data collection and use practices, we will indicate on our websites that our Privacy Policy has changed prior to the change becoming effective. Updated versions of this Privacy Policy supersede all prior versions. Your continued access to or use of any of the Services shall be deemed your acceptance of the Privacy Policy.

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